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Berikut ini adalah daftar subtitle yang sudah saya terjemahkan, terhitung mulai tahun 2016.


Sebagian link diarahkan ke blog lama

Drama baru (2018) sebagian link sub diarahkan ke thread IDFL


That Man Second Story (Completed)

Entourage (Completed)

Seven First Kisses (Completed)


Tomorrow With You (Dropped)

Three Color Fantasy

The Liar and His Lover (Completed)

Circle (Completed)

My Only Love Song (Completed)

Strongest Deliveryman (Completed)

Age of Youth 2 (Dropped)

Borg Mom (Completed)

While You Were Sleeping (Completed)


Cross (Completed)

Mother (Completed)

The Great Seducer (Completed)

About Time (Completed)

Secret Queen Makers (Completed)

Let’s Eat 3 (Completed)

Terius Behind Me (Completed)

The Player (Completed)

Fox Bride Star (Completed)

Room No. 9 (Completed)


Untuk subtitle Ongoing dan Upcoming, bisa dilihat di:

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